About Meem

'Meem by GIB' is the retail banking arm of Gulf International Bank (GIB).

Combining online and mobile banking with state-of-the-art physical locations, meem caters to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's increasingly sophisticated retail banking segment, offering convenience, freedom of choice, and exceptional value for money.

Meem offers Shariah-compliant banking services, and subsequently has invested heavily in proprietary IT systems, including complex back-end systems, which increase efficiency and reduces the need to visit traditional branches.

Meem services are supported by three retail stores, which together create a unique retail experience for its clientele. 

These futuristic customer stores are all touch-screen with virtually no paper work required, unless otherwise required by regulation. It is a complete departure from the traditional banking branch. By eliminating the costs associated with large physical branch networks, meem generates significant savings, which are passed on to customers via higher rates of return for deposits and lower service charges.

Products & Services

Meem customers are able to open accounts within minutes, and conduct day-to-day transactions through a broad range of channels, including e-banking, telephone, mobile devices, e-mail, web chat and social media. 

Our product range and service-led approach enable bill payments, money transfers, new product activations, standing order set-ups, and budget monitoring features to be conducted quickly and easily.



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The One-Pack is a packaged account that has the combined features of both current and savings accounts. It comes with the following optional features:

  • Jam-Jars; which enables clients to set their savings goals.
  • Budgeting-Tool; which tracks customer spending.
  • Auto-Sweep; which enables funds to be moved between current and savings accounts.

The Currency Card is a Visa debit card, offered free of charge without annual fees. It can be linked to four different currencies, designed for convenience and savings when traveling abroad. There are currently eight currencies to choose from, including the five GCC currencies, the Euro, the British Pound, and the US Dollar.

Murabaha Deposit is a Shariah-compliant product offering competitive rates, with flexible tenures ranging between 30 and 720 days. Available in nine different currencies, it also allows for the withdrawal of up to 20% of the deposit on a one-time emergency basis without risking loss of profits.

Meem’s Shariah-compliant Platinum Visa credit card offers up to four supplementary cards at no cost. Up to 30% of the total credit limit may be withdrawn, and with meem's “Straight Through Process,” customers can use the card upon the application’s approval, without the need to wait for the physical card's arrival.

Meem’s tawarruq-based personal loans can be applied for through electronic channels, with no branch visit required.  Also, the “Straight Through Process” grants applicants immediate cash disbursement upon approval.